Edible Vancouver & Wine Country loves a good story.

We seek writers who write in a lively, elegant, informative, original, accurate, and interesting manner. Hook us with a compelling first sentence. Then think about capturing the character(s) of the story, building tension, and wrapping up with a good ending. Generally, writers generate their own topics, but occasionally the editorial team makes specific assignments based on writers’ interests and knowledge.

We are most open to pitches from freelancers for our features. Some of these are stories of local farmers, fishers, small producers, independent retailers, home cooks and chefs. They could also be a look at food security or food-based community organizations, from food banks to school lunch programs, to chef training. You might take readers back through time to discover the food and farming history of southwestern BC, or explore the history of a specific food that is grown, harvested or processed in our region.

These features nod to local authenticity and our region’s sustainability, presenting a diverse mix of people, places and things. Whenever possible, we promote local citizens, establishments, and products that show devotion to our region and act with thoughtful consideration of its health. Features range in length from 750–1500 words.

Recipes and Photos

When appropriate to the story, we wish for recipes to accompany articles, but they must be original and carefully tested. If recipes are not original, the submitter must obtain permission to reprint. Likewise, he or she must cite all sources for information in the article, and if passages from published (including Web published) material are included, must obtain permission for use.

We also desire high quality, high resolution photographs to accompany the articles. We do not expect writers to personally take photos to accompany stories, but some of our writers are also talented photographers and like to provide images as well. It is assumed that writers have permission to use all photographs or artwork that are submitted.


We negotiate payment terms on an individual basis and pay on publication.

Writers submitting for the first time should not expect a commitment until their final draft has been approved. Please also note that Edible Vancouver & Wine Country reserves the right to not run articles even after they have been approved for submission. In the event that a submitted article does not run, Edible Vancouver & Wine Country pays a kill fee equivalent to 50% of the contracted rate.


Edible Vancouver & Wine Country pays for first time rights to publication in print. Ownership of published articles and recipes reverts to the author after the current issue expires (3 months), but Edible Vancouver & Wine Country retains the right to use articles, recipes and photos on digital platforms for no additional fees.

Pitching Edible Vancouver & Wine Country

We want to know: What will the focus of your article be? Will readers laugh, cry, change their attitudes or learn something new? How many words were you thinking, and who are you planning to interview? Does your story belong in a spring, summer, winter or fall issue—and why? Do you have high quality photos at the ready to run alongside the article? Do you have recipes? Do you think sidebar information should run with your piece or just the article? Have you written for other publications? We would also like to see samples of your previous published work.

The more detail you can provide in your pitch the better. Please note that once you send us a pitch, it could take up to two months for us to respond.

We plan each issue several months in advance, so you’re probably best off pitching 5-6 months before publication.

Publication Schedule

Our publication schedule is as follows:

  • Almost Spring (Feb/Mar)First draft due: Nov 9, final Nov 25

  • Spring (April/May)First draft due: Jan 15, final Jan 30

  • Summer (June/July)First draft due: March 15, final March 30

  • High Summer (Aug/Sept)First draft due May 15, final May 30

  • Autumn (Oct/Nov)First draft due: July 15, final Jul 30

  • Winter (Dec/Jan)First draft due: Sept 15, final Sept 30

Assignments are generally made 2-3 months before the draft due dates noted above.


Edible Vancouver & Wine Country is a member of Edible Communities Inc., an award-winning, international family of community-based food publications whose mission is “to transform the way communities shop for, cook, eat, and relate to the food that is grown and produced in their area.”

Edible Vancouver & Wine Country is published bi-monthly, with each issue emphasizing the current seasonal bounty of Southwestern BC. We look for subjects that are timely and support our mission. The editorial team chooses writers and topics for each issue with the intention of balancing the coverage and nurturing a wide and loyal readership.

Please read several issues of Edible Vancouver & Wine Country before pitching and check out our back issues to avoid pitching a story we've already covered.

Complete pitches should be emailed to:

Debbra Mikaelsen | Managing Editor | editor@ediblevancouver.com