Mile One Eating House

Mile One Eating House

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The Rules of Our Table

We take comfort food seriously. We believe the food you eat ought to be as genuine as the people you share your table with. Our menu respects the ingredients, the producers and the land that make it up. A hard-earned hunger deserves good, clean food. Made with care. Dished straight-up, every time.

We mean what we serve. And we serve up what we say. Here’s a translation of Mile One-speak.

“Comfort food”: Comfort food gets a bad rap. But in the right hands, with the right ingredients, stodgy does not enter the equation. The people who live in Pemberton - the farming community, the tradespeople, the young families,  the hospitality commuters to Whistler, are genuine and hard working. So is our food. The menu offerings are things that everyone can relate to. Not fancy or pretentious, just good ingredients, cooked fresh for a good feed. The open kitchen leaves nothing to hide, just straight-up fresh food, where what you see is what you get.

The Mile One Story

Pemberton is truly a gateway into wildspaces. Mile One represents our vision of being the beginning, end, or middle of one’s journey. It is a reference to the mile markers you’d find exploring the many back roads and trails of our area.

Proprietors, Randy Jones and Cindy Yu, have brought their combined 30 years of experience in fine dining “down home” to Pemberton, to give comfort food its culinary due. Committed to great quality BC products the Mile One team is passionate about showcasing the bounty of our region. We love bringing things full circle and connecting our amazing farmers, fisherman, ranchers, winemakers, brewers, distillers, craftspeople, and artisans to our daily offerings.

The menu represents the happy hard-working marriage of sophisticated fine dining, regionally inspired British Columbian cuisine, and accelerated slow food styling. Signatures of the house include the Cache Creek Natural Beef Burger Collection, a grown-up's Mac 'n’ Cheese line-up, Crispy Oysters and Seared Albacore Tuna, entrée size Salads, and hearty Dinner Features. Our passion for great products extends to our showcase of regional foodie retail items from Artisan Sausages to Local Elixirs, Syrups & Sauces, and even Goats' Milk Soaps.


Our team's passion for beverages has grown over the seasons. This has resulted in a 35-plus bottle collection of BC Craft Beers, 6 regional wines on Fresh Tap, and a fun selection of sodas. Even the staple beverages such as coffee and tea have a local story and connection. Our team continues to look for that next great fit to our line-up.

We are proud of our craft and passionate about our area. We strive to ensure our guests Get Well Fed!

The Market at Mile One Eating House

This is Where the Foodies Go for the Good Stuff! The Market at Mile One Eating House is our collection of BC crafted & harvested artisanal foodie products. From meats and cheeses, to foodie condiments, and many other items in between. Our passion to showcase great products has driven us to ensure that we are able to share these offerings with our guests in a retail format.

Many of our offerings come from culinary artisans that we have developed unique relationships with over the years. Our Market is adjacent to our open production kitchen where, on most days, our baker is busy preparing our Buttermilk Burger Buns for the restaurant. Our Market space displays some interesting infographics that detail the rich agricultural activity in our little valley, so it's worth a leisurely walk through!  If you have any questions about The Market products please do contact us! Open during our regular restaurant hours.

7330 Arbutus St #7, Pemberton, BC | (604) 384-3842