Statement of Integrity

Edible Vancouver & Wine Country magazine operates a policy of editorial integrity as part of our agreement with Edible Communities (a family of 90+ independent, multi-award winning local food magazines). Our advertising and editorial departments are completely independent and do not attempt to influence each other. In practice, this means that anyone selling ads for us cannot pass on story ideas to the editorial department as this could be seen as ‘attempting to influence editorial.’

Any individual or representative of a company is free to suggest story ideas by emailing media releases or comments to editor@ediblevancouver.com (the editorial team receive hundreds of these every week, so will only reply if they have questions).

Freelance writers can also pitch story ideas they wish to write for the magazine, but before doing so they should read ‘Write For Us.’

This policy of editorial integrity is fundamental to maintaining the high quality of our publication, the trust of our readers, and the value of advertising with us.

Philip Solman – publisher