Philip Solman


Philip Solman

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Quesava crafts frozen foods that begin with simple, wholesome, mostly plant-based ingredients and Quesava™ dough, made from the naturally gluten free, vitamin and mineral-rich cassava root. Ready to heat and eat, its Cheese Poppers, Vegan Perogies, Vegan Ravioli, Vegan Samosas, Vegan Wraps and Bake-At-Home Dough offer delicious, globally inspired twists on traditional dishes.

Feed The Change


Our food system is broken—we want to do our part to change it. That means making only delicious, good-for-you foods from a simple list of ethically sourced, minimally processed ingredients that travel the shortest distance possible. Because we believe that what’s good for you is good for your tribe and your planet.

What we eat becomes part of us—physically, emotionally and culturally. Food can fuel us, and heal us. It can make us feel better, and bring us together. So it makes sense that when we make healthy choices, we don’t just take care of ourselves: we share the love with our families, our communities, and the planet.

We share our love with globally inspired foods that just about everyone can eat. Deliciously simple, mostly plant-based, and free from gluten, GMOs, additives, preservatives, trans-fats and refined sugars. Ready to go, or bake at home for gather ’round, scrumptious goodness.

Quesava products are available in the freezer section of 130+ retailers nationwide.

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