Duso's Fresh Pasta and Sauces

Duso's Fresh Pasta and Sauces

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The Duso family came to Canada from Italy in the 1950s and first visited (and fell in love with) Vancouver in the 60s. Mauro Duso opened a store in Granville Island Public Market in 1979 and it became a destination. The Dusos made pasta day and night but could not keep up with demand, so brothers Mauro and George took the leap and built a small factory on Kitchener Street in Vancouver. Business continued to grow and a larger factory was needed so they moved to their current Federally Inspected facility in Port Coqutilam.

Duso’s Pasta & Sauces can now be found in 600 grocery stores across Western Canada as well as at the now iconic Granville Island location.


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