Pasture to Plate

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Our Whole Animal Butcher Shop on Commercial Drive not only stocks the finest quality certified organic meats, but also provides the connection to Rafter 25 Ranch where the animals are born, grown and fattened organically. It also connects to certified organic Chilcotin Harvest, where the animals are harvested respectfully.

PASTURE TO PLATE stands for transparency and lives up to what we say we are doing. Being totally vertically integrated assures  that you—as the valued customer and quintessential link in the chain of wholesome food production—are paying for what you see and what you want and what you know is good for you.

Whole Animal Butcher Shop
1420 Commercial Drive, Vancouver | 604-215-0050

Grill, Broths & Deli
1061 Denman Street, Vancouver | 604-689-0202

KiNiKiNiK Restaurant, Store & Accommodations
9391 Highway 20, Redstone | 250-394-6000

As organic food producers, we are obligated to transparency, so that you, the consumer, can see and experience for yourself what we stand for.