Puccini's Deli & Specialty Foods

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The origin of Puccini’s Deli began years ago, in Italy. Paolo Pucci’s love for fine food inspired him to study the traditional cheese-making methods perfected over centuries. He had a dream to one day own his own deli and share his appreciation and knowledge of great Mediterranean cuisine. But when Paolo came to Canada in 1977, he began working in the trades, and the dream of a deli was put aside... for a while.

Paolo’s love of great food was passed down to his children – Lino and Maria, so when Lino came to his father in 2009 with a proposal to open the deli he had always dreamed of, the family took a deep breath and dove in to this new adventure.

Today, a commitment to offer only the best has made Puccini’s Deli the North Shore destination for authentic Mediterranean foods, a traditional focus on friendly service, and expert product knowledge. In addition to an exceptional selection of cured meats – including aged in house handmade salami, including over 150 specialty cheeses, antipasti, and wide assortment of olive oil from Italy, Spain and Greece. The true cornerstone to have the best Mediterranean food experience.

2027 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver. 604-985-6328. puccinisdeli.com