Ralph's Farm Market

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Specializing in BC’s fresh produce, as well as Okanagan’s scrumptious in-season fruit, our family owned & operated business has grown steadily over the years.


In the 1980s Ralph and Elizabeth Merk started selling fresh BC fruits and vegetables out of the back of their old, yellow van. By 1985 they had a more permanent produce location at Granville Island Public Market and that’s where RALPH’S gained the reputation for offering fair prices, good old fashioned family service, and fresh produce from the orchards and fields of the Okanagan.

Ralph’s sister and brother-in-law (Dianne and Murray Redekop) joined the team in 1987, as did their twin daughters, Julie and Karen. Meanwhile, Ralph & Elizabeth’s own family had been growing. With a span of 16 years between Jason, Jennifer, Steven, Vanessa, and Sara, they all became involved in the growing family business at different times.


The Merk’s purchased a family farm in Langley in 1989 and over the years the on-farm sales grew until RALPH’S Farm Market opened year-round in 1998. Residents from all over the Fraser Valley chose RALPH’S as part of their weekly shopping routine. A farm experience where country meets the city!


And now, in 2018, the brand new RALPH’S Farm Market opens its doors to offer our customers a complete, local-shopping experience. You can shop for all that you need in one place and then enjoy a breakfast or lunch at RALPH'S Bistro.

Thank you for growing with us!

22728 Fraser Highway, Langley | 604-532-3033 | ralphsfarmmarket.com

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 Ralph’s Bistro for Breakfast or Lunch

Ralph’s Bistro for Breakfast or Lunch


Our new store is ready for you. Enjoy our extended offerings like our Bistro, with Chef Jason and our Fresh Meat Shoppe and expanded grocery. Thank you for growing with us!

 Ralph's Okanagan Connection

Ralph's Okanagan Connection

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