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Central Park Farms

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After struggling to get answers on where our food was coming from and how it was raised we set out to get the answers the only way we could, by raising it ourselves. Now, it’s become our goal to help our community make ethical and sustainable food choices.

  Kendall & Jay

Kendall & Jay

We believe raising our animals right and feeding them a high-quality diet leads to the finest meat that you can feel good about feeding to your family.

Our meat is free of antibiotics and hormones. Our animals are raised in a manner that supports their unique physiological needs.

Having started with our non-GMO fed, free-range chicken in 2015, we soon moved into non-medicated pasture raised pork, followed by farm fresh eggs from our pasture-raised hens, and new in 2018 our grass-fed/grass-finished beef will be available for the first time from our Black Angus herd.

Looking to learn some new skills in the kitchen? Throughout the year we offer on-farm cooking classes including our wildly popular, chef-led Bacon Makin’ 101 and Sausage Making workshops.

During the Summer season we welcome guests to our farm for our monthly longtable dinners. Dine in our field, enjoy tours with our animals, backyard games, or just sit back with a cold glass of wine and watch the evening’s chef prepare our meal.

We believe in transparency over certifications – You want to know how our animals are raised? Just ask, because 100% of the meat we sell was raised by us personally. We welcome your questions, encourage visits to the farm, and open the doors through our social media. We want you to know the farmers behind your meals.

We’re honoured you choose our family to feed yours!

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