Blackberry Espresso Cobbler

Blackberry Espresso Cobbler

By Kristy Gardner -

I’ve hit on a new steamy summer romance: Wayward Order–Depth Charge from Wayward Distillation House. Brewed using espresso, cacao nibs, cold-pressed coffee, and just a splash of BC honey, this small-batch liqueur has only 33 per cent of the sweetness of traditional coffee liqueurs, and a rich, sophisticated flavour. Paired with fresh blackberries gleaned from your backyard, this Blackberry Espresso Cobbler tastes just like chocolate-dipped berries (but more refreshing) and is perfect for making it through those long summer nights or lazy summer mornings that are destined to follow. 

Serves 1

  • ½ cup fresh blackberries
  • 1 shot freshly squeezed Meyer lemon juice*
  • ¾ shot agave syrup
  • 1 shot Wayward Order–Depth Charge
  • ice (crushed or cubed)

To serve: 2 blackberries, lemon wedge, and a straw

Place the blackberries, lemon juice, agave syrup, and Depth Charge in a Mason jar or cocktail shaker. Muddle thoroughly until the berries are a juicy pulp. Strain into a measuring cup through a fine-mesh strainer to remove any seeds or pulp. Fill a rocks glass with ice, and pour the strained liquid over top. Garnish with 2 fresh blackberries, a lemon wedge, and a straw. Slurp!

*Substitute half regular lemon juice and half fresh squeezed orange juice if Meyers are unavailable.

Freelance writer and photographer Kristy Gardner has a penchant for locally grown organic food, seasonal cocktails, carbs, bad ’80s films, bourbon, and pigs. Find her at

Writer, photographer, and author of the forthcoming Cooking with Cocktails: 75 booze infused recipes (Countryman Press), Kristy Gardner has a penchant for seasonal cocktails, carbs, bad ’80s films, bourbon, and pigs. Find her at